Welcome to Play Dough Thailand

Play Dough Thailand is based in Candy World.

Our shop is in Tesco Lotus Chaweng on Koh Samui Thailand.

We sell a number of products ranging from party ware home made play dough,

wooden toys, educational toys, lego, slime and much more

              Collarge of photos of shop


Valentines day at our shop

Feeling the love……

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                                          This lady made this for her valentine. Sweet               These balloons were made for the girls last day of high school on Samui.

          Frozen partyware       Hats sash banners blowers

        Party bags       Pearl balloons

Also available is a range of paper napkins, paper plates, a large selection of foil balloons,

small medium and large party poppers,

champagne party poppers, Elsa banners, HBD banners, a selection of number candles and HBD candles,

wrapping paper and much more..

Playdough with pancake mold                       P1120434


We all know that play dough is fun and popular with young children, but apart from making a mess what is it really good for? Here are the fabulous benefits of allowing kids to play with play dough and the many learning opportunities that happen along the way!



                                               Why should you buy our home made play dough?                         Some balloon designs available in our shop


Long Lasting
Our play-dough is softer and can last up to 6 – 8 months. See more details on the play-dough info page.
Perfect for Schools, camps, home, parties and a whole lot more! See more details on the play-dough info page.
Many Colors
Our play doughs come in 12 lively colours, see full colour list on the play-dough info page.
Great Scent
Yes! Our play doughs come in many Scents: Aniseed, Lemon, Coffee, Vanilla, Jasmin, Pineapple, and many more! See more details on the play-dough info page.

Ok, So why play dough?

Well we all know that play dough is fun and popular with young children, but apart from making a mess what is it really good for? Benefits include… providing a meaningful context for children to learn concepts and skills; making learning fun […]

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Our shop is open from 9am – 8:30pm everyday.

We are in Tesco Lotus Chaweng Koh Samui Thailand. Our shop is near KFC

For more information contact us on our web site

www.playdoughthailand.com or send us an email to playdoughthailand@gmail.com

Or you can call us directly on

Sam: +66(0)895896356 outside of Thailand or in Thailand Sam: 0895896356 (English)

Lookmoo: +66(0)890552493 outside Thailand or in Thailand Lookmoo: 0890552493 (Thai ภาษาไทย)